Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our First Anniversary!

Heyhey! Me and my boyfriend Simen have been together for a year now! That went really fast. I'll start with telling you what we did yesterday, then I'll get into our story or something like that.

Early in the morning I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, and he drove me like he usually does. After that we went grocery shopping. That particular store chain had lots of sales on junk this week, but we did buy some real food, I swear.

Shirt - Darkthrone official merch
Studded belt - Witchy Bitchy
Cargo pants - Mango
Skelly socks - H&M
Me being my casual black metal self.
My hair got stuck in the jewelry tree!

Jewelry - The Pumpkin Coven
Zip-up dress - Phaze Clothing
Tights with fishnet panel - No idea

Coat - Poizen Industries
Boots - Demonia

It's so nice to be able to do make-up again!
My skin is still slightly dry, but oh well.

We never take selfies, but since it was our anniversary, we had to try. He accidentally trimmed his mustache too much, so to me he looks kind of weird here! I'm used to my hairy man, hahah.
We went to Inside Rock Cafe, which is where I used to work, for some food - Their food is delicious. We got some chicken fingers for an appetizer, and then Stargazer burgers for the main course. Inside has their own magical mango dressing which is SO delicious! The Stargazer is just a normal Inside burger, just with bacon. Gotta have bacon! We were so full that we couldn't move for a while.
After that we went home and went on with our lives, haha. We're just people who don't do much, and prefer to stay inside. But it was nice! And I guess when you live together, you're just used to that normal domestic life - Things aren't so exciting anymore, but we're fine with that. We just like being weird together.

So, how did this come to be? Well, he moved to my city in september 2015, and started working at the bar / concert venue Hulen, where I had been working for two years already. In the photos above we hadn't even talked yet! This was the first staff party he attended, a superhero and villain theme. He was getting some pictures taken, and then I wanted to get some too! This is hilarious to look back on.
We probably worked together for months without really talking - I don't remember except for one time when after work he made me record myself saying in a little girl's voice: ''I'm going to kill you in your sleep! *giggle*'' on his phone. He still uses that as his alarm, it scares the shit out of me.
Then we had the christmas party at Hulen, where I was pretty drunk, as you do. I remember talking to him a lot, and I liked talking to him, but I basically forgot everything - and he was too shy to say anything after that. Last summer I realized that someone took a photo of us that night!

Recreated at last year's christmas party

Nothing really happened until one day we had this mandatory safety meeting or something there. I was talking to people, and I noticed he was wearing a Voltaire Raised By Bats shirt. I said I liked it, but he didn't realize I actually knew who Voltaire was. The day after I think I sent him a message on facebook: ''Thanks for giving me something to listen to!'' and after that we never stopped talking. We were constantly snapchatting and talking about anything and everything.
I think a couple of days later he was going to Hulen, and I decided to tag along. We ended up just sitting on a couch talking instead of watching the concert that was going on that night.
When it closed and we stopped where we were supposed to go our separate ways, I just said: ''You know what, we're not going to stop talking, so wanna come to my place?'' and we sat there, drinking Jäger and talking about goth stuff until morning.
I think we did this again, (I believe we watched tons of movies) and that time I was so tired that he carried me to my bed. He was so awkward and unsure of he should leave or not that I just dragged him into my bed so we both could sleep. The day after I kissed him, and we both just let out this HUGE ''OMG I'M SO GLAD THAT WAS OVERWITH'', cause those past days we had both been really unsure. Glad that I'm slightly more brave than him and took a chance! A couple of days later we made it official. Basically everyone we knew were super shocked, cause it happened so fast. It did, but it felt so right!

Then the months just flew by. We learned from his parents that as toddlers we actually lived MINUTES from each other! But then his family moved pretty far away. I'm so glad he decided to move back! Totally meant to be yeah.

In may I went to Wave Gotik Treffen, and I made sure to see Voltaire live, since he had said ''He's playing the biggest goth festival in the world'' that first night we spent time together. I was like ''Dude, I'm going to that! I've been going for a few years now''. When Voltaire finished his show, he said he was going to be in the merch booth so I RAN over there. I started filming and told him that he was basically the reason that me and my boyfriend were together, and asked him to record a video message for him since he wasn't there. He was so drunk that he put my camera into his mouth, and recorded a funny message for him. I also bought some merch for him. I skyped with him, and didn't say a thing, only that I was excited, and slowly started showing him pictures and videos from the concert, then the merch.. then my signed WGT program (this is when he realized I met him)... and then the video. He was SO shocked! So we were both really happy.
Funny, he kind of returned the favor during Yule, cause we had been to a Enslaved concert, and he had went to the toilet, bought a shirt, given it to someone who went backstage and got it signed after the concert, who gave it to someone else who gave it back to my boyfriend before we drove down to his parents for the holidays. When we got there and I went to the toilet, he gave it to his mom to wrap. I was SHOCKED.

In june/july I was in the Philippines (first time visiting my family there in three years), so I spent some time away from him again. It was hard, but I guess it made our bond stronger and all that.
During the summer we realized that he had always spent so much time at my place since the start (the times he went home I came with him anyway), that he would move in. So he officially moved in on august 1. I have to admit that was kind of scary, it was a big decision and was kind of fast, but I'm so happy he did. Considering the accident that happened in october (if you know me you know what happened, it's a long and awful story), I don't know what I would have done without him. He's been an amazing support to me, and taken care of me at one of my worst times. Oh now I'm getting emotional, let's move on.

And so our life together continues. I have gained an amazing and lovely extra big family through Simen. Even though all of them live far away I've already met them several times, and it's so much fun! His brother and his girlfriend (bottom right) are coming with us to Wave Gotik Treffen this year, it's gonna be so much fun! It's amazing that I'm gonna share the highlight of my year with them.

I think that's it! This was so long, and I'm sorry if that was boring. I'm not a person that likes lovey-dovey stuff in social media and such. But I do love this man very much and I look forward to the rest of our time together; all the days of normal life, fun adventures, ups and downs and just going through life. We have actually never argued so far, which I find kind of weird. We have our differences, but we respect each other and help each other improve and grow as people. That's what I think is important in a relationship.

So that's our story! Thank you if you have gotten through this far. I thought I would share such an important part of my personal life with you, and I hope it wasn't too much, haha. Until next time, spread the love!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Life Update (I Like It)

Hello! Just wanted to do a casual life update. I did say in a post not too long ago that I'm not doing much stuff lately. I'm not. This last week has been eventful though! I've already blogged about the parties I've been to.
Other than that I'm just sitting around at home. I am now reading Merrick by Anne Rice.
Lately my body has been hating me a lot. I'm low on folic acid and D vitamin (16, apparently 50 is low), so I now take supplements every day. Also my eczema just didn't want to heal, even got worse, so I got fed up and went to the pharmacy. Shit be expensive, but it was so fucking worth it. I picked up the stuff in the photo last week, and today I woke up with my face BARELY dry. For months I've been waking up with my face so dry that once I opened my eyes my eyes would crack and bleed. Same goes for the rest of the face. Weeping wounds and constant flaking everywhere.
But these three creams have saved me! So to celebrate that I have included my face in today's outfit photo:

Punky t-shirt - Gina Tricot
Dipdye tutu skirt - H&M
Striped stockings - Walmart (around halloween)

While I think it's boring to show my bare face and hair in a bun, the main reason I never show my face on my blog is that my face has been in such a terrible state. It really bugs my confidence level, and now I don't have to worry about that! FINALLY. So I will continue to use these creams. Sadly I think that EVERYTHING I try for eczema, my skin gets used to, and it stops working for a while. Let's hope that doesn't happen this time. I want to wear make-up again! I've been wearing make-up tops once a week (probably less) the past few months, and every time I can basically remove the make-up by gently pulling at the loose skin. That did happen on saturday, but it seems to be much better now already. I'm so happy!

Yesterday Didrik came over, mainly to give my boyfriend a silk poet shirt with TONS of ruffles! I'm jealous, I want one. At the end of the night me and Didrik were sitting on our phones on Duolingo. He was doing german and I was doing french. I've been ALMOST at the finish line for several days now, but I wanted to drag it out a bit and repeat stuff so I remembered things better. And earlier today I finished it! TADA. This is the second language I complete on Duolingo, the first being spanish.
French used to be the only language I JUST. COULDN'T. UNDERSTAND. But now I've gotten pretty good at the exercises in the app! So I basically learned it cause I'm stubborn as fuck.
You probably know that I speak three languages fluently, and can understand a bit of several others. So now I have TWO languages I have basic knowledge of that I can add to the list!
My prize for completing french is to start learning german, cause it's so much easier. Hold your horses, before you say anything, german is often very similar to norwegian (as well as the fact that I'm a fucking linguistic genius lol), so I have an advantage there. It might also come in handy during Wave Gotik Treffen in june! I've usually never needed to know it while there, and I've understood the few things like road signs / directions and such, but if I learn enough it can open up more events for me.

That was it from me! I will be back.. most likely on wednesday. Tomorrow is me and my boyfriend's first anniversary, so we'll be celebrating that. Maybe I'll tell you our story! See you then, bye.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

BDSM / Fetish Event

Hey! As promised I would come back and tell you about the two parties I attended last night.
The first one was a private one at a friend's house, which was really cozy. We had lots of good conversation, drinks and even ended up listening to 00's hits! Really fun.

At midnight we arrived at the main attraction of the evening: The BDSM / Fetish event at Det Akademiske Kvarter. They had 4 floors of things that were happening (concerts, lectures, exhibitions, etc), but I wasn't really interested in that. I was very curious when I saw that THIS was happening in Norway! If you don't know, I've gone to a bunch of fetish parties, mainly the yearly one during WGT that I am a walking act in. I didn't think it was going to be like that. Norwegians are shy pussies!
So I decided to wear a censored outfit (it was fucking snowing anyway). I'm glad I did, cause the event was honestly pretty tame. Sure there were bare-chested guys in collars and women in corsets and boots, but not much more ''freaky'' than that.

On the top floor, which was 20+ because of liquor serving, there was a room where we THOUGHT they were having a show, since tons of people were gathering in the room. There were a few pieces of play furniture in the middle of the room, and not much later a dominatrix and her slave started playing. She gave this big strict speech about no phones (duh), and then carried on. Within few minutes lots of people were playing. More and more people gathered, and even stood in front of people who were sitting. Rude! After a while I realized this wasn't a show, it was just regular people playing! But I guess to norwegians that's something crazy and new you have to watch.

What I am used to is that stuff like this happens everywhere during the parties, and nobody really bats an eye. Often there are also private areas. But this event last night had no nudity and no sex (shocker; fetish party doesn't necessarily mean sex party). I figured anyway, cause anyone could get in for as little as 50 NOK (as long as they were of age, of course). They had a lot of security on the house (usual thing at that place), but it still made me feel a little.. I'm not really sure. I just feel like this way people might be like ''Oh look at the freaks!'' whereas at a real fetish party EVERYONE is ''dressed'' (read: not dressed LOL) appropriately (you won't get in if you're not) and are a part of it. You can just be yourself and no one will judge you! Not even the 60 year old naked dude will be looked at in disgust.

So yeah, I guess that was all I had to say about the event! Not that satisfied, but at least they made an effort, you know. I wish norwegians would be more open to this stuff! I have been thinking of writing a big informational post about fetish parties and also the misconception that all goths are sluts who like freaky sex. Not true, people! And someone with experience from both the fetish and goth scene needs to tell people that. So we'll see when I bother to do that. This will have to do for now. If you have any questions, just let me know!

My make-up yesterday, for the first time in a while.

Don't mind my eczema (it's healing)

My outfit! Sorry it's terrible.
Collar - Black market at WGT
PVC dress with fishnet side panels - Kondomeriet (Norway's sex shop chain)
Fishnets - Idk from where
My tallest platform heeled boots - Demonia

I forgot to get a photo of my outfit before this, which was a simple black sweater buttoned at the chest, Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas shirt, ripped baggy black jeans and fuzzy purple kitty socks. I decided to just wear the fetish outfit with leg-warmers, a hoodie, coat and my everyday boots so I wouldn't have to change THAT much. I'm lazy that way, okay.

So yeah, that was it! Have a nice sunday and see you soon!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Serial Killer Party!

The bar I used to work at where me and my boyfriend met is called Hulen - The Cave, cause it is a cave. He still works there as a janitor, and it was their turn to arrange this month's staff party. They picked an excellent theme: serial killers! I immediately thought I would go as Elizabeth Bathory (on the day I found out I was wearing a similar outfit). I haven't been to a staff party there in AGES, so finally a fun one I could go to! Here are some pictures I took:

The crime scene

A board of clues to find out which janitor committed the murder!

Blood everywhere!

My boyfriend's best friend Isak was the DJ - and a great one at that! He played TONS of goth music, so I found myself on the dancefloor for most of the night, even though I was the only one there at times. It's rare for me to hear music I like at clubs, so I didn't care, I had to enjoy it!

As well as a murder to solve, there was a quiz about serial killers. My team (the people with the red right hands) won! Even though we sucked, but the others sucked more, so HAH. Thanks guys! So we won a bag of chips and some candy.
My boyfriend was announcing the winners on stage, and I couldn't believe he meant me when he said my name for who had guessed the right killer. I won a movie ticket! I think I only won because I'm obsessed with Nick Cave's Red Right Hand. I immediately asked Isak if he was going to play it when I came. One of the clues on the board said ''He did it with his red right hand'', and one of the janitors, Ørjan, DID have a red right hand! He touched my face with it. And it was right! Apparently another clue was that in the crime scene, there's a cup on the sink, and if you look in the mirror, you can see his name on the cup. But I'm blind, so I couldn't possibly have seen that. Anyway I'M DA MAN.

They had also set up a little crime scene (though I said: it looks like a normal day at work for you janitors) where you could take photos! They didn't have a photographer for the evening, but one of the janitors (dressed as leatherface) had a polaroid camera. Here's the pictures I took with my phone!

My Elizabeth Bathory outfit consists of:
Hair ribbon
Bolero with a evil queen collar that won't stand up
White shirt with big sleeves
Cameo necklace
Red overbust corset
White apron
Red skirt
White lace and red heart stockings
Platform boots
The ax was random. I passed it on to the guy dressed as Patrick Bateman.

My boyfriend in his killer costume!

He's sane I swear.

I promise.

Didrik being his normal viking self.

I had an awesome time! I love it when people make an effort with parties. Great theme, great decorations, great activities and of course; great music! I am going to a couple of parties on saturday, so my next post will probably be about that! See you soon.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Wicca 10: Rites Of Passage

We have come full circle. This is the last post in my Weekly Wicca series. I hope the topics I chose have given you the basics of Wicca, and inspired you to do research!

This time I will talk about a certain type of rituals. Wiccans tend to do a lot of rituals; the eight Sabbats, Moon Esbats and spells. Some are more important than others, and the ones I'm going to tell you about today are even more special - They are the life-cycle events. Like in most other religions, we also have our own naming ceremony, marriage and funeral rites. So today I will tell you how we celebrate those!

Incense is lit and a circle is cast.
Officers for each element welcomes the element and wishes the baby to be blessed with traits and gifts associated with each element.
The parents welcome and name the baby, and place a flower crown on their head.
A guest places a bread crumb in the baby's hand and wishes upon them that they will never starve, always have enough to share and that everyone present honors the trust the child will have on them as they grow.
Another guest wets the baby's lips with water from a chalice and wishes upon them that they will never thirst, always have enough to share and that everyone present see to that the child is raised with love.
All the guests go up to the baby in turns and wishes gifts for them while lighting a candle. The candles are placed in the middle of the circle as they step away.
The parents thank the guests, the officers thank the elements and the circle-caster disperses the circle.

Pagan weddings are called handfastings, and is traditionally for a year and a day, but in Wicca it's common for as long as love lasts. We don't promise that we will stay together until we die or forever. It doesn't matter what sex / gender you are. Friends and relatives can contribute of course. Rings aren't necessary, you can just exchange promises.

A circle is cast.
Officers for each element welcomes the element and wishes the marriage to be blessed with traits and gifts associated with each element.
The partners pledge their commitment to each other.
A guest breaks a piece of bread in half and gives each piece to each partner, while wishing upon them that they will never know want and always share what they have.
Another guest gives them a chalice with wine or juice, while wishing upon them that they may always drink from the same cup and always remember the love they expressed for each other on that day.
Rings and / or promises are exchanged.
The couple wrap a cord around their joined hands and while looking at each other they say in unison: ''I bind myself to you of my free will, I will honor your right to change and to grow, and I will support and love you in the best way I can, for as long as love lasts. So mote it be!''
They jump over a broomstick, and now everyone can party!

A circle is cast around the deceased.
Officer welcomes Air and asks that their memories of the dead one stay true and do not alter with the passing of time.
Officer welcomes Fire and asks that they remember the dead one as they were in life and keep that in their hearts.
Officer welcomes Water and asks that the love the dead one brought to their lives will stay with them forever.
Officer welcomes Earth and asks that the dead one's presence among them, and what they left behind, is honored in death as it was in life.
Officer for Spirit says ''*Name*, we send you on your journey from this world with our memories, with our cherished thoughts, with our love and with our hands''.
Mourners contribute, and then leave bunches of rosemary on the body.
Officer for Spirit says ''*Name*, may the sweet birds of Rhiannon guide you on your journey, may your spirit fly as straight as an arrow to the heart of the Sun, may your spirit be still and know rest. Blessed Be.''
The body is lifted on a pallet by mourners of several height and carried to the place where it is to be buried or burned.

Those are the main ceremonies of rites of passage. Aren't they beautiful?
There are others too, such as circle name, initiation, (often combined), severing (''divorce''), croning (becoming a wise elder), and self blessing.
All of these things are a part of the cycle of life, and we accept and celebrate them. It's natural, and we are all connected! When we die we go into the earth and give it nutrition with our physical bodies - So new life can spring forth again. Our spiritual selves go to the Summerlands. That's what Wiccans believe. Some probably believe in reincarnation as well.

So that's it, everyone. Thank you so much for reading my posts! I have gotten so much good feedback, especially in Gothic Amino, and I'm really happy that I've been able to help people! I wasn't at all aware there were so many interested in Wicca, but didn't know much about it and didn't know where to start. Hope you enjoyed this little journey! Do you maybe have suggestions for things I can write about? Cause I'm not sure what I will post on sundays now, haha. I'd be happy to do another series. Just let me know! Blessed be everyone.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Lip Service Is Back!

A lot of fashion posting from me lately, sorry about that. I don't have much else to blog about nowadays, as I'm not really doing anything. I spend my days reading and learning french on Duolingo. Last night my friend Didrik (a pagan goth) came over - facebook actually told us we had been friends for two years! It feels much longer than that though.

Anyway, for those of you that have been goths / alternative for a while, probably are familiar with the brand Lip Service. For ages their site has been down, I recently found out this was because the founder Drew Bernstein killed himself. So sad! He founded Lip Service in 1985, and it's been a pretty big deal. I only own one item, and I love it. The best part, is that the clothes are small enough for me! Finding second hand in my size has been pretty hard. So I was really excited when I saw on facebook that they were coming back, and that they had made an instagram. Today I got an email that they had opened the store again! They don't have the biggest selection yet, but hopefully there will be more soon! Totally gonna buy some stuff when I have money (the brand is on the pricey side). Also they donate 5$ from every item sold to charities Drew believed in (one of them is PETA though.. I'm not familiar with the others)! Hopefully the new owners will keep the brand as good as it was before.

R.I.P. Drew Bernstein

Check out the rest of their stuff on their website! This is definitely a brand to keep an eye on - I know I will! In the past they've had so many things I liked, so I hope they will continue that way! Either way I will probably look on ebay for second-hand stuff.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Retroscope Fashions Haul & Try-On (Lady & Gentleman)

I've been drooling over Retroscope Fashions' clothes for years - but they were just too expensive to be worth it. Recently they had a huge sale; NOTHING UNDER 25$! I freaked out. We HAD to take advantage of this chance! So me and my boyfriend picked out 7 items, for only 150$! Shipping was about 80$, but it was worth it. The sale is sadly over now, so sorry I didn't get this out fast enough! We picked up the package on saturday and quickly tried them on then. My boyfriend needed to iron his shirts, so he did that today so we could take photos! He looks GREAT in his stuff, my god. When we met he said he didn't know where to get nice clothes, so I've been helping him with that! Now he can look amazing at his first WGT victorian picnic.

Military style shirt with tails

Shirt with pointy details

Even the cuffs are big and pointy!

A VERY cool coat

Look at that back!

My gorgeous man

Adorable in a princessy shirt and bloomers

Bolero style shirt and layered ruffle skirt

The skirt has bustle ties in the back!

What do you think? Are you into victorian style clothes? We sure are! You just feel so elegant in them, and you just feel the air of that elegance all day long while wearing it. I usually dress more neo-victorian, since I'm not perfectly historically accurate with my outfits, hahah. I just can't get over how handsome my boyfriend looks in these clothes! And every time he puts on his suit for work...
Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and publish this to share this with all of you and then have dinner! Bye!
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