Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekly Wicca 7: The Circle

The circle is an important thing to us witches. When we work, we make ourselves a circle where we can work in peace, cut off from distractions. This has been a practice for ages, as you can see by all the stone circles and carvings all over Europe. The spiral is also a commonly used symbol.

We always cast the circle deosil / sunwise / clockwise, and usually move in that direction. Widdershins / anti-sunwise / anti-clockwise is often used for banishing rituals.

Another important part of circle work / sacred spaces is the altar. It can be temporary or permanent, outside or inside. The word altar might sound a little scary to some, and no, it does not involve sacrifice - our deities don't want that. It's purpose is to be a focal point of the magic work, often set up in the north or center of the circle. We put our magical tools on it, use them there and put them there to make them sacred. If you make / use an altar outside, remember to use biodegradable materials to not damage the Earth.

To make a circle, one usually cleanses it first, by drawing energy from your chakras and put it into salt water that you sprinkle deosil from the east, and then over the participants. This does not apply outside (don't give plants salt water!).
Then you set up items representing the elements in each quarter and in the center.
There are some items that are very common in circle work:
- The athame is a special knife used only for circle work. Some use this to cleanse the circle. You usually bless it by exposing it to the four elements. It is either associated with Fire or Air.
- The chalice is associated with Water and love, and is used to drink wine or juice in rituals.
- The pentagram, associated with Earth, is often used as a plate for a piece of bread eaten in rituals.
- The wand, usually associated with Air (sometimes Fire), is used in the same way as an athame, to direct energy. It can be made of many different materials, and can be simple or fancy.
- The cord is used in some traditions, and is placed in the center. It is as long as the head circumference + around the heart + the height of the witch. It links us to Spirit.
It is important to note that you do not leave the circle before it is closed (unless there's an emergency).

When you're prepared, you can cast the circle itself. Open your chakras, and direct energy from your solar plexus to your athame / wand / finger and draw a circle in the air. Usually you nod to the north and start casting in the east, moving deosil. Afterwards you should say a few words. Then you welcome the elements, again beginning in the east and moving deosil. You should name some of its qualities before lighting the candle. If in a group, everyone else says ''hail and welcome''.
When you finish, thank the elements and blow out the candles (the Spirit one is extinguished after the last person leaves and says ''hail and abide''). The one who made the circle disperses it into the Universe or drawing it back into the tool, their body and then into the Earth.

In case you are confused; all spells are rituals, but not all rituals are spells. A ritual can be something as simple as lighting a birthday candle, throwing rice at weddings, or wearing lucky items. A small and simple thing we all do. A spell is focused on something specific, and requires a lot of energy. You should never do more than three in one circle.
One important thing to consider is the time you do the spells and rituals. Like the day of the week, phase of the moon and other occurrences in nature are significant to us and can help us. So if you can wait until the right time, it will most likely be more powerful - if you can't, that's okay too.
I do have to mention though, we do NOT do spells to harm anyone / do evil. We don't have sacred texts, but the closest thing is the Wiccan Rede, which basically says ''As long as you don't harm anyone, do what you want''.

Here are some pointers to help you out with spells and rituals!

Spells Communication, swiftness, exams, legal, knowledge, learning, conveyancing, travel
Herbs and plants Lavender, eucalyptus, comfrey, wormwood, lilac
Trees Birch, ash
Incense and oils Benzoin, sandalwood, lavender
Astrological sign Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Day of the week Wednesday
Planet(s) Mercury
Color Yellow
Metal Mercury (quicksilver)
Symbol Upward pointing triangle traversed, feather, incense
Magical tool Wand
Animal totems All birds
Body parts Lungs, head
Direction East

Spells Defense, willpower, courage, inspiration
Herbs and plants Rosemary, rue, dandelion, saffron, nettles, St. John's wort (Hypericum)
Trees Oak, rowan
Incense and oils Cinnamon, frankincense, vanilla, juniper
Astrological sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Day of the week Tuesday, Thursday
Planet(s) Sun, Mars
Color Red
Metal Tin
Symbol Upward pointing triangle, flame, blade, salamanders
Magical tool Athame
Animal totems Salamander, big cats
Body parts Heart
Direction South

Spells Love, healing, dream-work, women's cycles, childbirth, emotional issues
Herbs and plants Poppy, rose, myrtle, violet, valerian, lovage, chamomile, geranium, hyacinth
Trees Willow, apple
Incense and oils Myrrh, rose absolute, orris root
Astrological sign Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Day of the week Monday, Friday
Planet(s) Moon, Venus, Neptune
Color Blue
Metal Silver, copper
Symbol Downward pointing triangle, cauldron, glass, mirror
Magical tool Chalice
Animal totems Fish, water-based mammals
Body parts Womb, kidneys, bladder, liver
Direction West

Spells Manifestation, material wealth, shelter, fertility, growth
Herbs and plants Patchouli, sage, mandrake, woodbine, horehound, pennyroyal
Trees Cypress, pine
Incenses and oils Patchouli, pine resin, white sage, mandrake root
Astrological sign Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Day of the week Saturday
Planet(s) Gaia, Saturn, Pluto
Color Green
Metal Iron, lead
Symbol Downward pointing triangle traversed, pentacle, wood, metal, stone, crystals, dragon
Magical tool Pentacle
Animal totems Hare, wolf, bear, serpent
Body parts Bowels, spine
Direction North

Spells Initiation, transition, transformation, spiritual growth and knowledge
Herbs and plants Gentian, lotus, belladonna, henbane (latter two are poisonous)
Trees Elder, yew
Incenses and oils Nag champa, copal, dittany of Crete
Astrological sign -
Day of the week Sunday
Planet(s) Uranus
Color Purple, white
Metal Gold
Symbol Upward pointing pentagram, terminated clear quartz, web, thread
Magical tool Cords
Animal totems Spider
Body parts -
Direction Center

Planetary hours are calculated by finding out how many minutes there are between sunrise and sunset, and dividing that by 12. So if you want to do something that works best with a certain planet, do it at in the time period of the planet.
  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mercury
  4. Jupiter
    1. Mars
    2. Venus
    3. Neptune
    4. Pluto
    5. Mercury
    6. Jupiter
    7. Uranus
    8. Earth
    In which Moon signs it's best to do certain types of spells:
    Aries - Banishing / binding, protection, fertility
    Taurus - Wealth / increase, protection, fertility
    Gemini - Love / relationships, healing / emotions, employment / commerce
    Cancer - Love / relationships, healing / emotions, banishing / binding
    Leo - Wealth / increase, emplyment / commerce, protection
    Virgo - Wealth / increase, banishing / binding, fertility
    Libra - Love / relationships, healing / emotions
    Scorpio - Healing / emotions, banishing / binding, fertility
    Sagittarius - Wealth / increase, emplyment / commerce, protection
    Capricorn - Wealth / increase, emplyment / commerce, fertility
    Aquarius - Love / relationships, healing / emotions, employment / commerce
    Pisces - Love / relationships, healing / emotions, fertility

    The days of the week

    Planet Moon
    Colors Silver, pewter, white, grey
    Deity Selene, Nephtys, Artemis, Isis
    Associations Fertility, increase, dream-work
    Metal Silver
    Symbolic object Cauldron

    Planet Mars
    Colors Red
    Deity Mars / Ares, Tyr / Tiw, Oya, Kali
    Associations Defence, protection, inspiration, defeating obstacles, courage, sex, dance
    Metal Iron
    Symbolic object Arrow

    Planet Mercury
    Colors Yellow
    Deity Mercury / Hermes, Athene, Saraswati, Odin / Woden
    Associations Communication, learning, study, exams / tests, legal issues, travel, ideas, memory, science
    Metal Mercury
    Symbolic object Staff

    Planet Jupiter
    Colors Purple, dark blue
    Deity Thor, Jove / Jupiter, Rhiannon, Juno, Laxmi
    Associations Generosity, natural justice, expansion, property, wills, family matters
    Metal Tin
    Symbolic object Drum

    Planet Venus
    Colors Green
    Deity Frøya, Venus / Aphrodite, Angus, Parvarti
    Associations Love, affection, friendships, partnership, allurement, sexuality, beauty, art
    Metal Copper
    Symbolic object Rose, star symbol

    Planet Saturn
    Colors Black or brown
    Deity Hecate, Nemesis, Saturn
    Associations Boundaries, binding, exorcism, discipline, reduction, protection, deflection
    Metal Lead
    Symbolic object Chain, cords

    Planet Sun
    Colors Gold
    Deity Brighid, Apollo, Lugh, Belissama
    Associations Health, happiness, contentment, music, poetry
    Metal Gold
    Symbolic object Disc

    In my last post I talked about finding your magical name through visualization. If you did that and found some clues, you can combine that with these other methods:

    1  2  3  4 5  6 7  8  9
    A B C D E F G H  I
    J  K L M N O P Q R
    S T U V W X Y Z

    My example: Caroline Asgard, born August 8 1994
    3 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 3 + 9 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 8 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 103
    1 + 0 + 3 = 4

    Your circle name should match up in the same way. You can take clues from your visualization, a deity you feel connected to or something else. Don't be afraid to take out or add some letters.

    Another way you can experiment with a magical name is taking a piece of paper and draw four symbols / objects that represents how you see yourself, how you deal with close people, how your friends see you and your inner spiritual / emotional self. Make different combinations of two symbols, and see if it has a nice ring to it! Meditating on it can help too.

    I hope you found this post helpful. Sorry it was kind of all over the place, but I'm sick, so my head is a little loopy. Hope you had a nice weekend!

    Saturday, February 18, 2017

    Candy Is The Cure

    Hello! Just thought I'd catch up with you, since it's been a few days. Not much has happened, but yesterday we were invited over to dinner with another couple, and had norwegian yule food, pretty much (ribbe). Mmmm meat. We also played through Cards Against Humanity - It's probably been 6 months since the last time I played it. I lost though, hahah. We all had bad cards constantly for the most part. But it was fun! Today I somehow managed to get sick, so I went back to bed. Probably gonna write up tomorrow's post later.

    Iron Maiden tee - Some bootleg booth at local market
    Leggings - XtraX (now EMP)
    Mickey Mouse socks - H&M

    Another band tee DIY I just did! I cut the neck rectangular and tightened both the sleeves and sides with my usual technique. It turned out really well! I BARELY managed to not ruin the print. Not a big deal anyway, since it's not official merch. Cool that my leggings kind of match! They have these asian style ties on the sides - Pretty much all frayed or / and loose now, since I've had it for a few years. And of course the socks since I'm that fucking cool.

    Fun fact: I'm making a mess right now by eating a chocolate croissant in bed. Speaking of chocolate! Remember how I talked in my last post about surprising your love with chocolates and shit on OTHER days than valentine's day? WELL. The day after my boyfriend surprised me with Lindt chocolate - and he hadn't even read the part in the post where I mention that I think that's one of the best chocolate brands. Today he got me some candies I really like, though it's usually just jelly beans in a small box - He found a small bag with jelly beans, jelly + foam candies and little chocolate beans. I devoured the whole thing immediately. I am really spoiled, I know. I just really love unhealthy things.

    Do you like my lovely Instagram art? Follow me @CarnivorousMakeup! I've mostly been kidnapped by Pinterest the past couple of days, so if you're on there, follow me! I need to explore more.

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    Gothic Valentine's Day

    Top - Jsfn
    Corset - XtraX (now EMP)
    Skirt - Gaisano Metro department store
    Stockings with lace top - Probably a lingerie store

    Jewelry - Alchemy Gothic

    I accidentally dressed for the occasion! The jewelry was given to me for my birthday from my boyfriend. I rarely take the ring off, so you can probably see it in every outfit post - So here's finally a close-up!

    Now, we don't celebrate Valentine's day. We show each other love and tell each other that we love one another every single day, so what's the point? I honestly think it's stupid that a mostly commercial holiday has to remind you to show your partner love - and I'm not even talking about gifts. Like a meme my boyfriend found today said; ''Every day is Valentine's day if you're in the right relationship''. For us it is! Now, we have lived together officially for over 6 months now, so I understand that domestic life can make your romantic love a little boring. If you find that happening, try to do small things for your partner to light up their life! Do household chores for them, cook for them, leave them little notes. Text them while they're at work - If you have lunch at the same time why not make it a date? Just little things mean a lot. To us it does! My boyfriend makes me so happy when he surprises me with chocolates or snacks, or buys me nicotine if he notices I'm running out.

    We goths are pretty romantic people. If you want to give your gothically inclined loved one some gifts, I actually have a couple of suggestions! Fuck it if Valentine's is over. It's way better to surprise them any other day! It shows them that you think of them.

    Chocolate / Foods
    Everyone loves food! My boyfriend actually doesn't like chocolate or wine. But I sure LOVE chocolate (wine not so much, I prefer sour liquors). The chocolates above my parents got me while on vacation, probably around halloween. I believe the brand was Hotel Chocolat, but I have to admit the taste wasn't that amazing. But they were super cute though! The best chocolate is probably Guylian, Lindt and brands like that. I've seen this heart-shaped box of spooky-shaped vegan chocolate on social media, so if your love is vegan, google that.
    The chips are from a cheap store here in Norway, and they sell them all year round. I've always loved these! So cute and delicious.
    If you're a baker you could make some spooky shaped cookies! I got some halloween cookie cutters, but I haven't used them yet. I also have a halloween cupcake stand. Extra points if you bake for your love!

    Like shown above, Alchemy Gothic has tons of gorgeous jewelry! My boyfriend got me this necklace from The Pumpkin Coven and it's the nicest necklace I have - I immediately bought the matching bracelet.

    Smell is a very strong sense we have - especially mine. I usually don't like the high-end perfumes you find in stores, I think they just all ''smell like a duty free''. But don't fret, there are tons of gothy brands that sell gothy perfumes! Lush actually has a couple. The one pictured above is called Death & Decay, and is the one I use now. I immediately fell for the name when it was released, and when I smelled it I had to have it - It smells like white lilies. Karma is also a gothy smell they have, it smells like the classic patchouli and sitrus. I have that one too, and I used to have it in soap form.
    Other companies are Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Parfume Noire and.. I'm not sure of what brand, but it's just called Patchouli Perfume. I've only seen it in person at Darxity in Leipzig, Germany.
    BPAL makes TONS of incredible sounding scents, often centered around gothic and geeky themes. I've drooled over their site for years, but have never ordered anything.
    Parfume Noire has a HUGE selection of perfumes, and even though I've visited WGT four times I've never been able to decide on which one I want. I swear I'll buy one this year.
    The Patchouli Perfume is pretty cheap, and a must for goths. If you didn't know, patchouli is THE smell of goths. I don't know why. But often during WGT a flock of goths can walk past and a waft of patchouli will hit you. I love the smell! So I'm gonna have to get a bottle of that on my next visit.

    Those were my suggestions! I personally don't want flowers, I'd rather want a potted plant, as I want them to live. I LOVE the idea of planting a tree, so that's an environmental / witchy idea!
    Other than that, take your loved one out. Picnics or walks in a cemetery are a classic. Even a candle-lit dinner at home would be lovely! There's tons of things you can do with your loved one. Think of what your mutual interests are, or even do something you know they'll like, even if you personally don't care for it. That would mean the world to them, and shows them that you love them.

    What are your opinions of Valentine's day, and do you celebrate it?

    Monday, February 13, 2017

    Just One Fix

    If you have seen The Gothic Graveyard Show, you will know that we always have some sort of technical difficulty in every episode. Well, yesterday's live stream was the mother of them. We started a little later than usual cause Alanna's tablet kept dying. Then we had echo issues, and we thought it was me, so I put on headphones. When I select ''headphones'' as my audio device, all Skype sounds disappear. I spend like most of the episode with a confused face trying to figure it out. I ended up restarting my computer - AND THEN it didn't want to connect to the internet! I managed to log on with my boyfriend's laptop before we wrapped up the show. So that went to shit! People thought it was hilarious though. If you want to watch, here it is!

    Fishnet shirt - XtraX (now EMP)
    Tank top - Topshop
    Jeans - Freego

    Matching simple black make-up.

    In more exciting news: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds AND Ministry are coming to Norway! :D :D :D
    Nick Cave is playing in Oslo in october, so we're gonna have to see if I go - I'm just not a huge fangirl anymore, so I don't travel within Norway to see bands anymore. Hopefully me and some friends can!
    Ministry was just announced today, and they're playing in my city! That's amazing! The venue they're playing at is Ole Bull Scene, which is really cozy and intimate, as well as the interior being SO fancy. I saw Dimmu Borgir there, it was so nice! Abbath from Immortal even showed up! There's no way I can miss this. The ticket price isn't that bad, but I'll wait with buying the tickets. The concert is taking place on june 20th, so pretty soon after WGT - Which probably means we won't have much money. Concert tickets are future investments! I have a ticket for a festival in august - that I bought last august. With the official and unofficial announcements for WGT nowadays, I really feel this is going to be a GREAT concert year! I'm gonna go listen to my kind of rare Ministry CD box set.
    Have you seen any of the bands mentioned or have memorable concert experiences? Let me know!

    Sunday, February 12, 2017

    Weekly Wicca 6: Visualization

    Now, I'm sure most outsiders looking in want to know the burning question: What do witches really do? In my previous posts I might have mentioned some things we do, but mostly what we believe in. So today I will talk about visualization. This is an important tool in witchcraft. A lot of our work and beliefs come from within ourselves, so we use this to gain clarity and concentrate our energy on a specific outcome we want. This might be hard for some people, who aren't natural daydreamers or imaginative, but what's important is that you focus and receive the messages and images that are being sent to you.
    Visualization is a type of meditation, so as well as relaxing you also might learn more about yourself or connect with deities. If you work alone, you can record the steps of a journey to yourself, or have a friend read it to you. Remember to leave enough space so you can concentrate on each part. If it's enough for you, you can just read it a few times, and remember it. One thing that might be useful is to write down what you experience. You might not experience anything if you're a beginner, but be patient! Below you will find a selection of journeys to take if you want to discover more.

    PREPARATION (Do this before every visualization)
    1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths - Breathe out all distractions in your mind.
    2. The next seven breaths will draw energy from the Earth.
    3. The first lights up the chakra at the base of your spine, which is red.
      The second lights up the chakra below the belly button, which is orange.
      The third lights up the solar plexus chakra, which is yellow.
      The fourth lights up the heart chakra, which is green.
      The fifth lights up the throat chakra, which is blue.
      The sixth lights up the third-eye chakra on your forehead, which is violet.
    4. The seventh lights up the crown chakra, which is white. Let the pure light shine over you and connect to the Earth that gives you this energy.
    5. Visualize a white circle around you, to distance yourself from the outside world for a while.
    6. When you finish your journey, take notes if you wish, and then ''close down'' the chakras. You can leave the first and last ones slightly open. If you don't do this, you might become very sensitive to negative energy.
    7. Eat and drink to ground yourself - This is very important.

    1. Close your eyes and slip down deep into the darkness. Then open your inner eyes and imagine yourself outside a stone gateway. The sun is bright and there are trees, birds singing and flowers that give off a nice smell. There are two paths in front of you - Choose either the left or right, and go down it.
    2. Feel the ground under your feet, the sunlight on you and look at your surroundings. You might see animals and plants. What sort of landscape are you in? Continue walking, and take notice of everything around you.
    3. Another two paths are in front of you - Choose one. What terrain does it lead you to? A forest, a cave, open country, water, a building? When you get there, you will see an object - either on the path, an altar, or hanging from the trees. Pick it up, cause this is a gift from your patron deity - You now accept them. What is it? Does it mean anything to you? Remember it for later.
    4. Someone is coming towards you - this is your patron god or goddess. Notice what they look like; colors, if they are young or old, or have animals with them. Are they wearing something that makes you recognize who they are?
    5. Ask them questions about your spirituality, if they have any advice, or even what their name is. They might give vague answers and want you to discover things for yourself. No matter what they say, thank them for choosing you before you leave and find your way back to the stone gateway.
    6. Pass through it and back into the darkness. Come back, and open your eyes when you're ready.
    7. Take notes and do research. See if you notice any symbols from your journey in life.

    1. Close your eyes and sink into the ground. Imagine everything you go past - the building you're in, trees and plants, bones and fossils. Sink into the core of the planet and sit there.
    2. When you are ready, go back up - but now you're in a different place. You're surrounded by trees and greens - notice the trees, if it's night or day, and what the weather is like. Follow a path or explore whatever takes your fancy, and you will end up in a clearing. Stand there, spread your arms and invite your spirit animal to show themselves.
    3. An ancient spirit of the wild will appear. Do you recognize him? He will respond to your summoning by swinging a club against the trunk of a tree before he leaves. If he doesn't do this, this is a sign that you're not ready. Try again one lunar cycle later, and make sure you prepare yourself.
    4. Wait. When your spirit animal appears, immediately accept it, take on its shape and let it take you where it wants. Trust them, and notice where you are taken. They will let you know when it is time for you to leave - you will then regain human form. Remember the animal and to thank it.
    5. Close your inner eyes and sink into darkness. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back. Take notes.
    1. Close your eyes and enter the darkness. Imagine yourself in an elevator, going down, down, down. The elevator opens and you find yourself in a candlelit passage. Go into it, and notice your surroundings. The texture of the floor and walls, decorations, and if the passage is straight or curved.
    2. You arrive at a doorway leading to a chamber. Is it covered by a curtain or screen, or is it open? Enter it, and take note of your surroundings. In the middle of the room there is a plinth - go up to it. There is an object on it that will give you a clue to your magical identity. Study it, wear it or eat it, depending on what it is.
    3. You notice another doorway, which leads you through another corridor. You feel fresh air, and emerge into open terrain. what kind of landscape is it? Is it day or night? What kind of animals and plants are there, if any? Is there a presence of one of the elements? Explore for a while here, and you might find more clues to your magical name. Sit down somewhere.
    4. You might be approached by a figure or an animal, or your attention might be drawn to something in the environment. This will give you more clues to your magical name. If you speak to someone, they might even give it to you. No matter what you discover, thank them.
    5. When you feel you have found all clues, close your inner eyes and go back into the darkness. Step into the elevator again and go up to where your body is, and open your eyes.

    I will now include some visualizations you can do during the holidays. The first one is Samhain. Now you might be able to speak to the dead, but don't try to cross over to their realm - this might disturb your mind. For this one you'd maybe also want to hold something while doing it to ground yourself.

    1. Close your eyes and notice what thoughts come to you. Flick them away.
    2. In the darkness, you hear waves in the distance. You go closer, and your other senses might notice it. A breeze, a salty smell, sand under your feet. Open your inner eyes, and you will see that you are on a beach. What color is the sand and the sky? As you walk along, you will find a raft. Step onto it. What to you notice? Is there anyone else on it? What do you see and hear while it goes out to sea?
    3. You arrive at a small island, which is connected to land by a bridge. What does it look like, and who do you see and hear on the other side? There might be familiar faces. Those who wish to speak to you will be on the other side of the bridge, but neither of you can cross. When you finish speaking with them, thank the guardian of the bridge and ask them questions if you like.
    4. Lie down or sit on the island, and think about your life. What do you remember, and what have you learned? Who do they involve? Are they still alive, or are they in the Summerlands now? Have they made an impact on you that remains with you? When you are ready, go back on the boat and back to where you came from. How do you feel? Is there anyone with you?
    5. If someone is with you, thank them when you come ashore. Concentrate on the ground, and hold your item of choice as you come back.
    1. Lie down on the floor in your preferred sleeping position (lay down some pillows if you like) and close your eyes. Concentrate on your heartbeat, and slowly imagine another heartbeat that matches yours deep in the ground. Follow it down far under the earth.
    2. You will feel the heartbeat becoming louder. Let yours sync up with it. What do you feel towards other life? Do you feel awake or sleepy?
    3. Become aware of the seeds and roots in the Earth. What does the Earth give them? Concentrate on one and become one with it. Compare yourself and your life to it. Is it really that different?
    4. Feel the Earth around you become warmer. How do you think it / you will respond? Do it. Feel the heat of the Sun becoming stronger and closer. Continue to imagine how the seed will respond to it. When the process is complete, open your eyes and see. You might be in a different position now. Close your eyes again and become comfortable, but close to the position you found yourself in.
    5. Become aware of what you were thinking and how the seeds grow. What happens if they don't? What do they need?
    6. Listen to your heartbeat again, still in sync with the Earth. Then slowly come back to reality.
    7. Take notes and come back to them later. You might have come up with some seeds of ideas.

    1. This is best done outdoors. If you go into a wild forest, an idea is to bring a friend with you so you are safe and not disturbed. Bring some food and drink and have a nice picnic afterwards.
      Sit against a tree, close your eyes and concentrate on how that feels. Feel the life in it, and become aware of any sounds around you. Feel your body become one with it - What characteristics (physically or symbolically) would you like to have and why?
    2. Now think about things you like about your physical self. Imagine that you hear someone coming towards you, and open your inner eyes. Greet the figure and notice if you recognize them, if they have someone with them and what they're carrying. They place the object in front of you and wants you to take it. They are honoring the things you like about your physical self. Take it and remember it, in case it may be important to you in the future.
    3. The figure wants you to follow them - do so. Observe how they, who else is with them and you move. Let them take you far into the forest and notice your surroundings. Make all of your senses feel it. If you find something to eat or wear, do it. If anything happens around you, feel if you want / can join and why. Notice how your physical body is responding to your spiritual journey.
    4. You now see an old building. Notice its condition and how it's decorated. Does it tell you anything about this place and its inhabitants, your spiritual path or yourself? When you are ready to leave, thank the figure, and listen to what they have to say and accept anything they give to you.
    5. Imagine the scenery around you fading, and feel the tree against your back. Separate from it, and slowly come back to reality while you reflect on your journey, and take notes before closing.
    6. Now eat and drink, but leave some of it to give back to the Earth and tree, and food for animals.

    1. Ideally, you should do this outside, facing east, just before sunrise. You will need something to sit on and a chalice of orange juice.
      Close your eyes and sink into the darkness. Focus on your chakras, starting from the top and going down to your solar plexus. Imagine it's a fiery wheel, growing in light around you, and let it fade slightly.
    2. Think about this energy point in your body. How does it react to the stress of everyday life? Do you think it would be useful to have it open all the time?
    3. Become aware of where you're sitting, and the life around. Feel the temperature changing as dawn approaches. Be aware of your solar plexus, and focus your energy going down into the Earth, and into the Earth's core. See it provide energy to the world above it.
    4. Now compare that core to your solar plexus. How does this energy affect you? Try it out by drawing energy from the Earth to your solar plexus, and cast it towards the circle of light around yourself. What does that feel like? Let it go back into your solar plexus then down to the Earth again.
    5. As it's getting lighter and warmer, draw that into your solar plexus. Direct that energy towards the sky, then back to your solar plexus and down into the Earth. Absorb the light.
    6. Keep concentrating on this energy until the Sun rises. Stand up and greet it, holding your chalice of juice. When it's fully risen, drink it. This energy will now stay within you throughout the darker days to come. Take notes, reflect, and close down.

    1. This can be done inside or outside (preferably by a bonfire), and you need a pen, paper, some wool thread and some corn (preferably from this year's harvest).
      Hold the corn, close your eyes and focus on it's life cycle: Seed, shoot, stalk with corn that goes from green to yellow under the Sun, giving life to more seeds and so on.
    2. How has your life been since the last harvest? What have you learned, and how have you grown? Have you had any ideas or projects, and have you ''harvested'' these, or are they still growing? What are you thankful for having received the past year?
    3. Now think about the ''weeds'' of your life. What is unnecessary, what you don't need anymore.
    4. What would you like to keep from this harvest into the next year? Who would you share it with and how? What would you like to achieve in the next year, and how would you do that?
    5. You notice someone sitting in front of you. What do they look like, are they carrying anything? Do they ask for or give you anything? Offer them your harvest and see if they accept. What message do they have for you? Thank them, and let them walk away.
    6. Open your eyes and write down a word for your blessings on the right side of the paper. On the left, write down a word for what you don't want anymore in your life. Tear the paper in half. Take the thread and attach the blessing one to your corn. Crumple up the other and toss it into the fire. If you can, take the ash and bury it. Close down.

    1. If you can, do this outside by water. You're gonna have to stand and move during this, so make sure you have space. You will need a blue candle.
      Stand facing north. What do you feel and associate with this direction? Turn east. What do you feel and associate with this direction?
    2. Turn to the south. What do you feel and associate with this direction? Turn west and complete the circle. This is the direction of the sunset. Sit down and close your eyes.
    3. Picture the sea. The Sun is on its way down, reflecting on the water. How does this make you feel?
    4. There is a boat setting sail towards the Sun. What do you see? Think back on your life the past summer. What has happened? On the shore there are some arrows, a bow and a small fire. Take each bow, and associate it with something you're saying goodbye to. Dip it into the fire and shoot it towards the boat. Do this with all of them, and wave with your right hand to the boat, saying goodbye to everything you're letting go and watch it fade away.
    5. Before you finish, think about all the gifts summer has given you and the world. How the Sun has affected everyone and everything. Light your candle while giving thanks to the Sun for the good times. Consider this when you make your notes.
    I have to admit writing these down got me very relaxed and I even visualized a little. Some of these I have done before, and gotten really powerful experiences. Even if you're a Wiccan or not, I think doing some of these might really help you relaxing and thinking about everything around you. Meditation is quite similar, though I like having something to visualize about. That way you don't get easily distracted. If you try out any of these, let me know how it went! Hope this gave you some insight into witchcraft, and an important and powerful tool we use in our work.

    Friday, February 10, 2017

    The Right To One's Identity

    Today I want to bring your attention to Rätten Til Sin Identitet (RTSI), a swedish project that works against discrimination of subcultures. I found out about it through CoalCandy on youtube. Other notable supporters of the project is Adora Batbrat and Aurelio Voltaire - all people I have met, haha! Here are their videos.

    CoalCandy talks about how goth subculture is a culture. I completely agree! It's much more than subcultures like metal. I love metal, but it's mostly about the music. Goth is a music-based culture, but have developed to be so much more, cause us goths tend to have many more similar interests! I think it's amazing that people from all over the world can gather at Wave Gotik Treffen every year and act in the same way, regardless of where we come from! It's the highlight of my year, cause I've never felt so much at home.
    Speaking of WGT, CoalCandy also has a couple of vlogs from the festival! I've been watching a lot of videos from the festival lately, cause I'm so excited. And I'm actually in his 2015 vlog! I'm at the very end of it, dancing with the rest of the swedes. I have challenged him to a norwegian VS swedish dance-off this year, since I'm bringing people this year! Can't wait. I also found myself in DocumentARI of DjARI's videos! He's a WGT regular, and in his ''Stalking Adora BatBrat'' video I suddenly popped up to hug her and take a selfie, hahah! I'll shut up now.

    I had to hold back tears while watching this video. Voltaire's story was so moving and sad, so are all the signs everyone is holding up - But in the end it made me smile! Everyone in this video are so beautiful and creative! If anyone is experiencing any of this, please take his advice.

    Can I just say I love the name Asperger Synthdrome? On the RTSI website Adora states that she chose the name because of the lack of diagnosis of females. I am actually going through a screening for Aspergers Syndrome myself at the moment, at 22 years old. That just shows you that it goes unnoticed in females!
    Anyway, the song is about how ''normal'' people can't be as unique as we alternative people are, but we could easily transform ourself to look ''normal''. If we wanted to, we could! But we're special, and we should celebrate that, not be treated like shit for it.

    There are tons more on RTSI's youtube channel (the bottom two videos are from their channel), songs and other videos about people's experiences with discrimination. Some of them are really awful and sad! I can't believe this is still happening. In the past I haven't been treated well for just being who I am, but I have very thick skin, so I've rarely let it get to me. Mostly I get compliments for my appearance, and people tell me that I'm so brave for doing what I want. That is so weird to me, cause what do the people who tell me this do? Do they do things they DON'T like? That must be a terrible life. For me happiness is probably the most important thing in my life - I will do ANYTHING to make sure I am happy. If you know me, I have turned my life upside-down several times just to do that. If you're not happy with your life, DO something! Don't sit around and whine about it - Then you kind of deserve it. It sounds harsh, but only YOU can do it. Like Voltaire said in the video above! Do whatever it takes if you are in a situation that's not making you happy. Be yourself and be proud of it!

    If you understand swedish, go check out and download the book! I have and will read it when I can. You can probably also have the site translated if you want to read more about the project. I hope to see more of these movements in the future around the world. Sadly we need it!
    To everyone reading this; stay true to yourself and stand up for yourself and others! Love yourselves and give others compliments - It might make a huge difference.

    Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Bloody Victorian & Gothic Graveyard Interviews Jossie Ayame!

    Cameo necklace - GoodGoth
    White blouse - WOW
    Corset - XtraX (now EMP)
    Skirt - RQBL
    Bustle - GoodGoth
    Bloody stockings - Top Toy

    Not sure if the corset has a brand, but I'm pretty sure I got it while XtraX still existed - it's my go-to corset! It just works with everything. Today is a good day, I could almost close it completely with ease! It's a size 20''. The skirt I got at Outland, this geek store chain here in Norway, but Dracula Clothing sells it too, in different colors. The tulle bustle gives it that extra oomph! And the stockings I got from my friend Sandra who bought them for a halloween costume. Gimme ALL the halloween things! I've added this pretty lace tailcoat-style blazer I found at a thrift store, since it's so fucking cold right now.

    We just released a new episode of The Gothic Graveyard Show! We interview the awesome Jossie Ayame. We will do a live show on sunday, noon Massachusetts time and 18:00 norwegian time. So if you want to see us live, ask questions and stuff, make sure you tune in to our youtube channel then!

    We'll see if I blog tomorrow. I was looking over my idea list, and nothing really jumped out at me. So if you have suggestions for blog posts you want to see, send them my way! I want my blog to be fun to read, but I also want to tackle more serious topics as I go along. I'd say I've gotten a long way already since I started, I already have over 5000 views! So I must be doing SOMETHING right. This is really fun, so don't worry, I will keep doing this for a good while! But I would love to hear feedback. I'm gonna go do.. things. See you soon!

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    How To Make A Band Tee Fit Girls Better - Without Sewing!

    Aeternus tee - Gig
    Jeans - Blue Asphalt
    Skelly socks - H&M

    I'm here with another DIY for chicks that find themselves swimming in their band shirts! I wore an Alice Cooper shirt in my last post which is HUGE on me, but I couldn't really do anything about it, since the print on the front and back were so big. But I pulled this Aeternus one out of the closet, and the print on this is really small! So I decided to try the technique I've done on t-shirt sleeves in the past - on the sides. If it all went to shit I have an Aeternus girlie anyway. But I do love this print! I believe it's drawn by Jannicke Wiese-Hansen (I want her to do my next tattoo). I found a couple of photos from the last time I wore this shirt (I'm obviously holding the excess fabric behind my back).

    So let's get started!

    I folded it in half on the side and cut of the collar.

    Then while wearing it, I tried to as evenly as possible grab the excess fabric on the sides, and marked the spots with a white eyeliner. A little uneven, but I made another mark.

    I put a piece of paper along the mark and started cutting triangles on the sides.

    Snip the triangles at the top like so, tie together and voila!

    Now it's so tight that I can barely wear it over my studded belt!

    I didn't want to cut the shirt itself shorter, cause this technique will make it a little shorter. Pull on the knots to make the holes in the sides bigger, and so it doesn't scrunch up the print. I'm pretty happy with it, it actually fits me tightly now! That never happens. Considering I can't sew for shit, this is a pretty good technique! If I have more shirts with small prints, I will do more of these.

    Btw, check out the new video my ''goth sis'' made!
    A funny video where she transforms herself to a kawaii lolita!

    Monday, February 6, 2017

    Fvck your ego. Fvck your scene. Fvck your fashion. Fvck your lies. Fvck your trend. Fvck your style.

    Saturday evening I did a Gothic Graveyard live stream, with Peter and Alanna. We discuss the internet (in regards to goth culture), answer viewer questions, nu / pastel goth and more! So much fun, check it out!

    Yesterday we interviewed Jossie Ayame, that was fun! She talks about the goth culture in South Africa as well as around the world, her modeling and jewelry designing and more! She's awesome. That episode isn't out yet, but it will be soon! So stay tuned for that.

     Alice Cooper shirt - Gig
    Pants - ONLY
    Hello Kitty socks - H&M

    Awww, I look so cute. I don't look 4'9'' in this photo though! Anyway, eugh, today wasn't exactly a good day. I couldn't sleep all night, and I had a check-up at the doctor's at 9 AM. The nurse didn't dare to prick me, since my veins are so tiny (they wanted 5 vials of blood) - so I had to go to the hospital! I've heard people have had to do this, but I surprisingly never have, even though I've been told drawing my blood is like taking an exam, hahah. I went home and ate a little first, and then headed up there. It's a huge building, so it was a little confusing, but I found my way.
    This nice lady gave me a glove filled with hot water so I could warm up my veins - interesting! Then she stuck a kiddie needle in me and pulled out 5 vials of blood pretty quickly, it actually wasn't difficult. Usually getting 1 or 2 vials is hard, and they have to fucking wiggle the needle. Not comfortable. I felt a little light-headed, but not as much as I have felt before, but by the time I had walked the couple of meters to where my boyfriend was sitting, I was REALLY dizzy and I almost fainted. Apparently my lips went almost white. People freaked out a bit and I had to lie down and a doctor was called and bla bla. I felt better after some minutes, and I could get out of there. I'm also having my period, so that probably didn't help the fact that my body doesn't want to lose blood, haha. So that was my unexpected adventure of the day! I needed to go sleep afterwards to re-gain strength.

    I just woke up and am awaiting dinner. Oh, today I downloaded a cross-stitching app! Bubble Witch 3 is REALLY pissing me off now, so I needed something relaxing. Hopefully this won't piss me off. Playing games is really not my thing... Sounds like my food is coming! Btw in case you're confused the title is from the song Fvck Indvstrial by Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist - I've seen them both live! They make awesome party music.

    Oh and one more thing! All goths who read this, read this article by Aytakk over at TheBelfry.RIP! It's about dressing goth, discrimination and image. I think it's a really important read, especially for the younger ones! I see people with these problems basically every day. GET OVER YOURSELVES, PEOPLE.

    Sunday, February 5, 2017

    Weekly Wicca 5: Gods & Goddesses

    Hope you had a nice Imbolc, everyone! Now, like I talked about in my last post, one of the things I love about Wicca is that it's so all-inclusive - and this also applies to the deities we worship. When I was younger I wanted to be an archaeologist cause I loved reading about different mythologies.
    Now the main thing most of us agree on, is that we believe in the God and the Goddess (some combine the two). They are a part of nature, and we don't see them as sort of an ''authority figure'' like other religions do - we consider them a friend, a parent or someone who gives us advice and guides us. We don't ask them to intervene and ''fix'' all of our and the world's problems, but we ask them for the energy and courage to do so.
    We witches often do spells and rituals, and that is where the other deities come in. We call upon different gods and goddesses that represent the certain thing we're looking for - like courage or love. Different deities from different mythologies are usually the god ''of something''. That's why we choose to ask them for help in certain life situations. The gods are there to give us guidance.


    Apollo - Greek god, son of Zeus, god of the Sun, poetry, music and art. He brings light, clarity, rational thought, truth and healing. Symbolized by sunburst, laurel leaves and arrows.

    Artemis / Diana - Maiden goddess of the forest and night sky, symbolized by the waxing crescent moon, the bow and female bears. She used to be the goddess of childbirth, but now she is considered the goddess of independence, integrity and action, as well as being against patriarchy. The Dianic (female only) covens worship her.

    Athena / Minerva - Goddess of wisdom, communication, science, mathematics, art and intellect. She is thought to give the gift of writing and communication for those who honor her. She is similar to Apollo, but she is also a goddess of crafts. Symbolized by the triangle, snakes, spirals, owls and weaving.

    Aphrodite / Venus - Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and sensuality. Witches usually call upon her for love spells. Symbolized by roses, myrtle, scallop shells, water, the planet Venus and morning dew.

    Aries / Mars - God of action, defense and protection. People used to think of him as a bringer of war, but now witches consider him as a bringer of change. There are some differences between the Greek and Roman god, but now they're usually considered the same. Symbolized by the planet Mars and the color red.

    Demeter / Ceres - Goddess of corn and seasonal growth. She's the mother of Persephone, and during the wintertime the crops die because she's mourning that her daughter is in the world of the dead with Hades. She encourages women to have good relationships with each other, and inspired environmentalism. Symbolized by the cornucopia.

    Dionysus - God of wine and ecstasy. Symbolized by grapes, vine-leaves, masks and dance.

    Flora - Goddess of spring, flowers and plants. Symbolized by flower wreaths.

    Gaia - She is the mother goddess who gave birth to all existence. That's why the Earth is called Gaia. She is generous, but she needs us to help her in her fragile state. Symbolized by stones, crystals, soil, greenery and trees.

    Hecate - Crone goddess of witches, magic, the night, crossroads, borders and thresholds. Like Frøya her chariot is pulled by cats, and she is often represented by nocturnal creatures. She watches over travelers and people making big life-decisions. She guides us into life, through life and to death. She has arcane knowledge, and that's why she's very popular with witches. Symbolized by cats, crossroads, cauldrons, broomsticks, bats, moths, ravens, crows, owls, bones, herbal knowledge, spiders and webs. Very gothy, I have to add!

    Hephaestus / Vulcan / Wayland / Govennon - Blacksmith / metal-working god. People used to consider those who could work in such a way with the elements to be sacred. Symbolized by anvils, hammers, horseshoes, iron, metalwork and alchemy.

    Hera / Juno - Goddess of marriage, partnerships and the home. She is a family goddess and protects everyone in the family, especially the young, and gives advice to parents. Symbolized by peacock feathers, turquoise stones and loving cups.

    Hermes / Mercury - Messenger god of speed and communication. Symbolized by caduceus, winged sandals / helmet, the planet Mercury, the color yellow and feathers.

    Hesta / Hestia / Vesta - Goddess of hearth-fire. She protects it and oversees the household tasks. She is associated with cooking and pottery. Symbolized by hearth-fire and flames.

    Pan - God of herds, fertility and male sexuality. He is half-man and half-goat, and represents our primal instincts. He's very popular in gay men's groups. Symbolized by goatskins and horns.

    Persephone / Kore - Maiden goddess of spring and the Underworld. Symbolized by pomegranate and spring flowers.

    Pluto / Hades - God of the Underworld, the king of the dead. Symbolized by the number eight and wand.

    Selene - Goddess of the Full Moon. She rules the tides, oversees women's cycles, reproduction, pregnancy and birth. Symbolized by the Full Moon.

    Uranus - God of the heavens. He is the god of rain and male fertility. Symbolized by a sickle and raindrops.

    Zeus / Jupiter / Jove - Father and thunder god. He is seen as a very kind god in many ways. Symbolized by the planet Jupiter, the color purple, lightning fork and eagles.


    Anubis - Jackal-headed god of the Underworld. He guides the newly dead and knows the destiny of all mortals. He is very much loved by Wiccans! Symbolized by scales, jackals, divination and magic.

    Bast / Bastet - Cat-headed goddess of music and dancing. All cats are sacred to her, so she is much loved by cat-loving witches. Symbolized by cats.

    Hathor - Goddess of Sun and rain. She is thought to be the one who flooded the Nile, so some see her as a goddess of fertility as well, and that brings us from confusion to understanding. Symbolized by a solar disc between cow horns and turquoise.

    Horus - Falcon-headed god of the sky. His eye protects against evil. The image of him and his mother Isis has been copied by many religions all over the world, most notably by Christianity. Symbolized by falcons, Eye of Horus, Sun and Moon.

    Isis - The mother of all. She is the lover / sister of Osiris. She is powerful and can bring people back from the dead. She represents fertility, and some say she created the written language. She is the goddess of the Milky Way, which is said to be created by her breast milk. Symbolized by lapiz lazuli, blue agate, throne, Full Moon between crescent horns, falcon wings and stars.

    Nephthys - Goddess of magic and secret knowledge. She is the sister of Isis. Symbolized by the kite bird.

    Nut - Goddess of the night sky. Symbolized by astronomy, the night sky and stars.

    Osiris - God of regeneration. He brought civilization to Egypt, and is the god of corn, wine, crafts and religion. He was cut to pieces by Set, but put back together by his sister Isis, who he also had a child with (Horus). Symbolized by corn and vine leaves.

    Sekhmet - Lion-headed goddess. She destroys disease and other unwanted things. Symbolized by lion-heads and sun discs.

    Set - God of the waning Moon, thunder and storms. He used to represent drought and destruction, but now he's considered more similar to Sekhmet. Symbolized by the waning Moon and lightning fork.

    Thoth - God of magic, wisdom, medicine, astronomy, writing and music. Symbolized by the Crescent Moon and the Eye of Ra (the Sun).


    Angus / Oengus - Celtic god of love and youth. Symbolized by a harp and songbirds.

    Arhianrhod - Welsh goddess off the Silver Wheel, the Moon and the stars. Symbolized by a spinning wheel, webs, the Full Moon and stars.

    Belenos / Bel - Celtic Sun god of light, health and healing. He is a very important god; he gives his name to the holiday Beltane and we celebrate and honor him at Litha (the summer solstice). Symbolized by the wheel, sunburst and a head with a halo.

    Bel / Beli / Sol - The female aspect of Bel / Belenos. Worshipped by feminist covens. Symbolized by tidal rivers, the wheel, sunbursts, serpentine hair and May Day morning dew.

    Brighid / Bridie / Brigit - Celtic fire goddess of healing, poetry and metalwork. She brings forth spring and protects, women, children and newborn animals (especially sheep and cattle). The festival Imbolc is for her. She represents independence, integrity and energy, and is often depicted with red hair. Symbolized by fire, wells, healing cauldrons, serpents, anvil and hammer, dandelions, snowdrops, amethysts and white candles.

    Bloddueuth - Welsh maiden goddess of springtime and flowers. Symbolized by flowers and owls.

    Ceridwen - Welsh goddess of Earth wisdom and regeneration. She is a shape-shifter, life-giver and magician, so she is a favorite of many Wiccans. Symbolized by cauldrons, sows, hens, magic and shape-shifting.

    Cerne / Cernunnos / Herne - Celtic antlered god and spirit of the Greenwood. Consort to the Mother Goddess and symbol of fertility and regeneration. He is known by many names, like Green Man, Jack-in-the-Green, Robin Hood or Herne the Hunter. He is a positive male role model that cares for the environment, is capable of change, a protector and is in touch with his emotions. He is a very popular god amongst witches today. Symbolized by Green Man masks, the ram-headed serpent, antlers, the oak tree, acorns and oak leaves.

    Dagda - Irish father god, associated with the Earth and its seasons, giving life and also taking it away. He has a large club he uses for killing and restoring warriors. He is said to mate with Morrigan at Samhain. Symbolized by his giant club.

    Danu / Anu / Aine - Irish Mother Goddess of the land, crops and greenery who also protects against nightmares and fears. Symbolized by a flaming torch and hillsides.

    Dis / Dispater - Ancient french (Gaul) father god. Originally a god of the Underworld, he was later merged with Cerne to be a fertility god as well, so now he rules both. Symbolized by a three-legged wheel or triskele.

    Eostre / Ostara - Teutonic / Germanic fertility goddess associated with the spring equinox. She is linked to fertility, conception and birth of humans, animals and plants. Her totem is the hare and the egg. Her name is given to the Christian holiday Easter, as well as the pagan festival. Symbolized by hares, eggs, spring flowers and buds.

    Epona / Rhiannon - Horse goddess which is often portrayed as or riding on a horse. She is a goddess of travel, movement, speed, change and our link to the animal kingdom. She was worshipped by the Gauls, but also by the Romans. She is also linked with the Welsh goddess Rhiannon, who in addition is a goddess of the sea, natural justice and retribution. Symbolized by horses, springtime, the sea and travel.

    Freya / Frøya - Norse goddess of love and sexuality. She is transported by a chariot drawn by cats. Symbolized by necklaces and cats.

    Lugh - Irish Sun god. He's a master of arts and crafts, and is a god of health and healing. He is much beloved, both back then and now. Symbolized by sunbursts.

    Macha - Irish goddess associated with horses and speed. She brings retribution and dreams (night-mare). She is a goddess of lightning, thunder and rain. She will protect you if you have been wronged, in pregnancy and childbirth. Symbolized by a lightning fork and horses.

    Maeve / Mebh - Irish goddess of female sexuality, sovereignty and self-determination. She is rumored to need 30 men a day to satisfy her. One bad-ass chick! Symbolized by the may-blossom.

    Morrigan - Irish raven goddess. She is a sexualized aspect of the Dark Mother, a goddess of dark times and mates with Dagda at Samhain. She is called upon to bring wisdom out of chaos and darkness. She brings positivity and creativity. Symbolized by ravens, crows and bones.

    Nuada - Irish Sun god. The legend of Nuada of the Silver Arm portrays him as a great king and hero. He is a god of protection, defense, healing, light and regeneration. Symbolized by silver sunburst.

    Odin / Woden - Norse / Saxon All-Father, a god of great knowledge. He knows the secret of the runes (there's a legend where he suffers a lot by hanging upside down from a tree for nine days and nights to obtain that knowledge). He brought knowledge to the humans and gives us advice on how to life and spiritual growth. He rules over life and greets the dead. He is a god of magic and oversees the connections between Earth and sky. He has two crows called Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory). Symbolized by oak trees.

    Thor / Tor - Scandinavian thunder god. He is powerful, strong, good-humored and quick-tempered when there's injustice. Symbolized by thunder and silver hammers.


    Astarte / Ishtar - Asian goddess of love, sexuality, female allurement and primal creatrix. Associated with the stars, Moon, Sun and Earth, she is the typical mother goddess who links sexuality, reproduction, sensuality and spirituality. She is a goddess of dance and beauty, and like Aphrodite / Venus associated with the planet Venus. Symbolized by serpents, stars and the Milky Way.

    Innanna - Ancient Sumerian / Asian goddess of the heavens and the Underworld. She shares similar legends to Odin, Persephone, Demeter and Freya. Symbolized by seven stars in a circle and the Moon.

    Kali - Indian goddess of dance and female energy, a part of the primal life-force. She dances the dance of destruction (the chaos from which life is produced) and cuts away the unnecessary. In Wicca she is seen as a necessary aspect of creation, a positive way of channeling ''righteous'' anger and putting energy to good use. She is a fierce protector and symbol of direct action in good causes. Symbolized by fire, dance, and the wheel of creation.

    Lilith - North African owl-footed goddess of childbirth, integrity and resistance against tyranny. She is the dark side of the Moon and represents aspects of femaleness often outlawed within patriarchy. She is a lunar deity who oversees women's cycles, pregnancy and childbirth, and protects newborns. Symbolized by owls and discs of the half-Moon.

    Mithras - God of light and resurrection. The cult of Mithras originated in Persia, but he became popular with Roman soldiers. He is celebrated at the solar festivals, especially the winter solstice, when he is reborn. Symbolized by sunbursts.

    Oya - African goddess of storms, defence, positive and protective action. She is good to have on your side if you are bullied or threatened. She is fierce and represents the basic instinct of self-protection, and gives the wrongdoers what they deserve for their deeds. Symbolized by a copper shield and the color red.
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