Saturday, April 21, 2018

Change Your Life, Re-Lace Your Shoes!

Hey! Today I have a little quicktip for you. Simen had to replace a shoelace, and I re-laced his shoes in a better way, and that got me thinking... When the day was over, I had re-laced ALL of my shoes. On some of the shoes, it made the world of a difference! I have a good few boots, and a bunch aren't even comfortable, and some of them are too big. But I'm stubborn and want to wear pretty shoes for special occasions. I don't like to wear them other times, it's too much of a hassle. Now with some of them, I feel I could wear them for a short trip out of the house without a problem! So I'm REALLY glad I decided to take the time to re-lace them. Why haven't I done that before?!

The ones that improved the most
So I thought I'd just share that idea with you! I'm sure I'm not the only one who keeps the laces like they are when you get them. Swapping the laces out on some shoes could be a good idea as well. Here's a great website with easy to follow guides to TONS of ways to lace your shoes! Now we all have different needs, so what I did (criss cross, lock lacing, end shortening, ukranian and random shit I made up with trial and error) might not work for you. Check out the site and see what lacing could improve your shoes! Maybe it could help you as much as it did for me! I'm SO ready for WGT.

Here's an example of a lacing method that didn't work out for me. It's very loose, so it felt like the shoe was going to fall off. So this would work on shoes that already fit you well and keeps their shape without tight laces, I guess. It looks really cool though! Especially in a contrasting color.

Hope that put an idea into your head! Do you ever re-lace your shoes after buying them?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Patch Haul!

Hey! Today I just wanted to share with you the patches I recently got in the mail! I thrifted a new blazer a while back, so I ordered myself a bunch of new patches from TheCellarPatches on Etsy!
Here's what I got!
Black metal ones going on my leather jacket

A few simpler logo ones

Picture ones :D

Super unique white ones!

I'm pretty satisfied with my haul! Since the shop is swedish, shipping only cost me 2.5$ (cheaper than shipping WITHIN Norway LOL), and it arrived after a week! I have already started patching the blazer, and if I have time to add to my leather jacket as well, I'll definitely show them both!

Do we share a taste in music?
What are you working on now?

Monday, April 16, 2018


Hey! Today I'm just gonna spam you with photos - mostly of me. Now that I'm getting treatment at the hospital (still going there every day), I'm feeling so much better about myself, it's such a confidence and energy boost! The light and sun is really affecting me - I guess that happens when you're half filipino living in Norway! So bear with me, I hope you don't mind, haha!

Spent fucking ages on this make-up.
I usually spend as little time as possible.
I felt so bad washing it off!

Aw yizz, so extra.
How's my lingo? LOL

Thrifted this pillow and this necklace!
I'm wearing it in the photos above.

This is what phototherapy is doing to me!
I of course wasn't as pale as Simen, but still!
And I will probably keep getting darker.
I don't mind by the way - I actually like it!
I use bronzer too!
I must be the only goth who does.

On saturday we went into the city center.
Bought some stuff for the house, and.. BUBBLES.

I love that last one, hahahah.
And the fact that I look super dark.
Everyone I walked past loved it!
Especially the kids.
An old lady also said ''How cozy! Have a nice day!''
Oh yeah, a darkling spreading happiness.

In the bag I'm carrying in the photos above was this.
THRIFT SCORE. It's so beautiful!
It was almost $40, but the quality seemed worth it.
It seems brand new!
I looked up the brand, they sell plain blazers for $185.
So I guess I made a good bargain!

Sunday afternoon. Gotta use our huge terrace!
It's been 18 Celsius in Bergen this week, incredible!
Not too long ago there was tons of snow.
So I'm definitely happy now!

Oh wow, you stayed all the way to the end?
Here, have a song!

Friday, April 13, 2018

80s Goth Hair Tutorial

Hello! I realized that I haven't shown you guys how I do my hair, and I've gotten tons of compliments and questions about it, so about time I did it! I feel like I've found a way to style it that I like now. It's freshly shaved, so let me show you how you too can look like a cockatoo!

This is what my hair looks like naturally.

Very fine, smooth and straight.

Here are the main things I use:
- Crimper
- Taft Super Kleber Power Gel (strength 10)
- Teasing brush
- Taft Ultimate Haarlack (strength 6)

I split my hair down the middle first.
Then I take a section from the back and go from there.
Crimping it all towards the front, and repeat on the other side.

What it looks like after crimping! Much more volume.
So crimping definitely helps with achieving big hair!
Especially when you have hair like mine - it lasts longer too.

Bonus: I crimped Simen's hair while I was at it!
Oh and hey, if you want a hair tutorial on him, let me know!

Ok back to serious business.

I take about yea much.
Apply that throughout the hair, mostly in the roots.
I use the residue to smooth down the shaved part.

Now for the real deal!
I take sections about this small.
I tease those from all directions.
Focus on roots of course, and lightly through the rest.

It stands up on its own now, and I lock it in with spray.
If you really want it to hold, spray after each bit.

I work myself from the back and sideways.
Keep going...

...and keep going!

Move it around the way you want.
Then bathe in hairspray!
And you're done!

Hope you found that useful! You've got to have patience when it comes to achieving big hair. I find that sectioning it helps a lot with motivation to dedication (lol). And don't be afraid to experiment! That's how I achieved this. I think I'm addicted to crimping my hair now, hahah. It makes my hair so much more manageable! SO glad I digged it out of my parent's house. We'll see if I ever stop now. 

With this styling routine by the way, my hair will stay straight up like this through a sleep and until the next day at least. Some of the teasing goes out on its own, some when I touch / run my fingers through my hair, and some I literally have to untangle with my fingers. The crimp will stay in until I wash it - And I can go a while, my hair doesn't get greasy - That would take about a month! Yes, I have gone that long without washing my hair. I used to have over a meter of hair, remember? Didn't wash that every day. Had to plan a whole day around it! Still not used to washing it often yet.

Works with a headset too!
So anyway, I think I'll leave you with that! Hope you enjoyed that, and if you try it, I'd love to see it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Modding Ballgown Skirts!

Hey! Today I thought I'd show you some ballgown skirts I modded. They're from Burleska, super pretty (and expensive, don't buy these things for full price), but WAY too long for me. I've rarely used them cause I constantly have to hold them up to be able to walk. So it was time to finally do something about it! And that time happened to be a few minutes before I left the house, haha. So the violet one was cut pretty roughly, but I ended up fixing it when I got home. Then I did the black one, which I did a slight batwing effect on. If you wanna see how I did it, scroll on!

What you can't see:
- Corset
- Cinch clip
- Petticoat

I wanted that soft Belle / Beauty shape on this one.

And for this one, slightly more jagged.

The piece I cut off straight across in the morning.
Later I hung it up and cut more even, slight convex curves.

If anyone has any idea of what I can do with this, let me know!
It's an entire circle of pretty fabric, I wanna put it to some use.

Took pictures of the process of this one!

First I cut up the seams of each panel, upto where it was rushed.

On the small side panels I cut triangles.

On the large middle panels I cut convex curves. I had to go back in and shorten them a little more, since that was the whole point of this. If you're a (patient) seamstress, you'd probably measure and shit - But I don't care. I would also only do this on skirts with a very simple hem. On some you could probably sew it back again if you can, but I find with a lot of long, gothic skirts and dresses, they're just too complicated to be altered that way. So I just don't buy those.

I have to say that I was pretty happy with the results! At least I'll get more use out of them now. I have to say it was a little weird / scary to cut in such expensive skirts (I checked the price earlier, my god. I got the violet one on sale for 50€, the black one I've had so long that I don't remember). You should probably do this with cheaper skirts, like thrift store finds, if you aren't that skilled at DIY.

Hope you enjoyed that, even though I'm not the best to take from when it comes to DIY! But I guess I'm getting better. Maybe you got some inspiration for what to do with stuff you have lying around! I've fallen out of inspiration for DIY this winter, but getting back into it now. Just ordered tons of patches, so I can mod my new thrifted blazer, and mod some more outerwear further. I also have some random stuff lying around that I need to look at again and see if any inspiration strikes.

It was nice to dress up a bit even just for hanging at the hospital!
I came prepared with a new book - I was there for about 5 hours on monday.
So happy that I'm doing progress!
Good for the self esteem too.

Can you guess what my favorite color is?

Same flowers today - Makes me happy!

Photo of a cemetery on a misty morning, cause #UltraGoth
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