Saturday, June 24, 2017

Another Fall From Grace - The Mission Review

This came out last year, but I didn't buy it until after I saw The Mission live during WGT 3 weeks ago. I have listened to it before, and I liked it. Now that I own it and have listened to it more properly (on my walkman, haha), I like it even more. Wayne Hussey himself has described this as the missing link between First And Last And Always (Sisters of Mercy) and Gods Own Medicine (The Mission). I agree! I really love both those albums, and I think this one reminds me of both of them.

Another Fall From Grace
The very beginning of this pretty much is a sped-up version of Emma (Sisters of Mercy). But then Wayne comes in with his classic 12-string twinkling, and the song lifts up more. It's a beautiful song, and you really just want to shout along with it!

This one sounds a lot like Dominion (Sisters of Mercy), but both me and my boyfriend agree that this one is better! I love the lyrics - I really like the whole reflection of time, life and change in it.

Within The Deepest Darkness (Fearful)
This one featured vocals by Gary Numan! It's a really cool and unique song. Calm, but still grabs you and makes you want to sing along.

Blood On The Road
A really cool song - I just don't know how to describe it! Modern rock, maybe? But it's not like really ''in your face'', but of course more power in it than the last song. I love Wayne's voice so much.

Can't See The Ocean For The Rain
A classic Mission-sounding song. Really good lyrics. The chorus is so beautiful! Another song that's easy to sing along to.

Tyranny Of Secrets
Now let's get a little heavy here! And oh my god I love the way he says ''secrets'' in the chorus.

Never's Longer Than Forever
Starts with a classic The Mission riff. A calmer song with beautiful vocals.

Bullets & Bayonets
I love the instrumentals in this. Beautiful vocals, and reflective lyrics.

A spoken word track. Very haunting and beautiful.

A slower, classic Mission-sounding song. Really beautiful overall!

Only You And You Alone
If you liked the last song, you'll like this one too. I think I like this one better, I'm not quite sure. I at least want to sing along to this more!

Phantom Pain
A very chill and beautiful song, very unique. A perfect album closer.

So that was the 12 tracks on this album, lasting for slightly over an hour. I like long albums, I don't know about you, but often the longer, the better. The Mission is a band I really love, since I'm very into the classic goth rock sound. And with this album they really bring it back! So if you are into The Sisters of Mercy and early The Mission, you'll probably love this!
I was thinking I'd review Gods Own Medicine next, since I recently bought that too, if that's okay with you. I also have a couple of more albums I'd like to review. I will probably buy even more CDs very soon, I'm in one of those periods where I buy a lot of music. Hope you don't mind! I'm going to try to blog about other things in between as well. I think I'm gonna start my new Joy Divison book this weekend, and hopefully DIY some more. If there's anything you want to see, let me know!

What are your thoughts on this album?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ministry At Ole Bull Scene In Bergen, Norway

There I am to the right - With my phone in front of my face... Typical!

I was pretty shocked when this concert was announced. Ministry - in my city?! For only 350 NOK, no less! So when we got home from WGT, I bought tickets. Surprisingly the tiny venue wasn't even sold out. We got there only minutes before the doors opened, and we were 4th and 5th in line.

My make-up

The outfit
Collar - Some booth at the WGT black market
Top - Xtrax (now EMP)
Skirt - Aderlass
Boots - New Rock
I also had a small round Alchemy Gothic bag.
Forgot to show that, sorry - Maybe some other time!

I got carded and called ''really old''

I took way more photos than I thought, so warning; image heavy!

The man, the legend!

He would never stand still

He's looking at me!

The show was FANTASTIC. The venue is really small and intimate, but the sound was good and LOUD. I was in front center as you probably can tell, and it was crazy being so close to them! They put on a great show, and Al was amazing and funny. They didn't play that many of my favorites, but they have a huge discography, so.. It was really great anyway! There was never a ''just okay'' moment. They played 18 songs, but it didn't feel that long, I had so much fun! It felt really good to headbang again, by the way! It's been a while since the last metal show I went to, and I still got it! My neck kind of hurt the day after, but that's how it's supposed to be! Now I can't stop listening to them. Ministry is one of those bands that I'm never really in the mood for, but when I hear them, I love it! I guess that's how it is when you have a big CD collection - and the internet available.
But I have more excitement for you! Have a looksie:


He had to throw two times, but I caught it!

Is this real life?! YES IT IS.

This also happened!
I don't even follow Combichrist, haha.

The daytime version
Headset - AKG (and iPod Classic)
Lace blazer - Thrifted
Bride of Frankenstein bag - Universal
Boots - Funtasma

So what do you think?!
Are you a Ministry fan?
And do you have any great concert stories to share?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Goths For Sophie 2018 Calendar Project

Hey! Today I thought I'd show you the Goths For Sophie calendar! I blogged about this a while back when the funding was still open, and when we got home from WGT, it was waiting in our mailbox! Sorry for the crappy photos, but if you follow these people, you have probably seen the pictures.

The thank you letter that came with it

Rest in peace, Sophie.
May you always be remembered and fought for!
No one deserved to be discriminated against.

Trevor Parker AKA The Kilted Goth

Caligo Bastet

ReeRee Phillips

Kriss Poison & Blake Blood

Lee Meadows AKA DJ Cruel Britannia

Jenna Lee AKA Batty Bizarre

Carol Anne Scott AKA Dahlya Drastic

Sheena McDonagh AKA WyldWych

Paul Myers AKA Kai Decadence

Angela Benedict

Yorgos Panteleon AKA Y from Remain In Light

Renée Gee AKA The Green Widow

In addition to the lovely quotes by each person, the calendar also has space for notes, and lists holidays, even Wiccan ones (for both hemispheres). It also lists goth events, but I think those dates are off. It lists Whitby Goth Weekend on april 20-21, but they don't even have a date for the winter 2017 event yet, so I don't know if it's true. The Wave Gotik Treffen one is DEFINITELY off, it says it's on june 1-3. Next year it's on may 18-21. It coincides with the Pfingsten celebration, so it's easy to know what dates WGT will be years in advance. The Castle Party date is listed as july 13-16, which is the date of the event this year, but I don't know if it will be the exact same dates next year - Same case with M´era Luna. So if you have this, take the dates with a grain of salt - or two. So that's a little critique! It is cool that these events were included, but they should at least be the right dates.

Other than that, I think it's a lovely calendar, and a great project to raise awareness and raise money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation! I can't wait to use this, and see who they bring in for next year!

Hatred and

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Back In Norway

So now it's back to everyday life! How boring, but I think I'll manage. Here are just some pictures I have taken since after we came home from Leipzig up until today!
I have by the way updated the WGT day 2 post with a couple of more pictures I got!

Necklace - The Pumpkin Coven
See-through off-the-shoulder top - Second hand (my mother's)
Oriental style leggings - Xtrax (now EMP)
Victorian boots - Funtasma

 Me and Sandra went to see the pride parade, and then spent some time in the ''pride park''.

 Sneaking on some make-up only shortly after WGT?!

God I love this shirt so much.

I will probably review this album for you very soon!
Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT.

''Not gonna wear make-up for a month'' I said.

Ready to go out!

Selfie with Hanna when Garage was playing Lucretia My Reflection by The Sisters Of Mercy!
I was so surprised and happy, goth rock is so rarely played here!

My saturday... But I'm a woman, I power through!
And Simen is so overly nice to me <3

Dimmu Borgir shirt - Gig
Zip pants - Darkside

So that was my week-ish recap! I have kind of an idea for what my next posts will be. I received my Goths For Sophie calendar when we got home from WGT, so I thought I'd take pictures of it and show it to you! Also I'm seeing Ministry at Ole Bull Scene (funnily enough same venue as I saw Dimmu Borgir at in 2012 - that's the shirt I'm wearing) on tuesday! So I will definitely blog about that. Then.. probably more music and book reviews, and I'll also probably start some DIY projects soon. Hope you are ready for that! If there's anything else you want to see, let me know!
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