Monday, December 11, 2017

My Dad's 70th Birthday Party!

Hey, everyone! Right now I'm sitting in my Dracula onesie watching Dark Shadows. I've cleaned around the apartment, so things are feeling good. Yesterday my dad celebrated his 70th birthday, so I thought I would share pictures from the celebration with you!
The above photo is from earlier this week, when we had a party for Kevin, who sadly has to move back to the USA tomorrow - Simen is with him right now, helping him to move and chilling a little before he drives him to the airport tomorrow morning.

Snow has fallen heavily here, much to our surprise.
This is just before we left for the party!
When we came home today, the snow was ankle deep.

After we finished eating several round of food,
we decided to get dad's present from the car.
I used my cape to conceal and then reveal the bar globe!

I made him pose for this right afterwards, haha.

Can you believe this man is 70?!
I don't think anyone can.
I MUST come from a vampire family.

My curious uncle

A dressed up Simen!

Me and my younger sister.
5 years younger, but much taller!
My outfit is thrifted, btw.

Unusual at my parents' house; alcohol! But since it's a special occasion, my dad had bought a good amount of bottles. A couple of the liquor bottles were dressed, haha. I don't know why, they've always had those things.
The rest of the night we watched the norwegian finals of The Voice, sung karaoke (we haven't done this for YEARS! Every filipino household has a karaoke machine or whatever you call them), and watched funny movies. Only us ''kids'' stayed up later than 2 AM, but much to our surprise, my dad's cousin came down at 4:30 AM and joined us watching Blades Of Glory (hilarious and weird movie, btw). After that me and Simen went to bed. I slept in pretty late, and when I woke up we had to leave since Simen had plans.

I've had a very nice time! I love this time of year; spending time with friends and family, buying presents, food and lots of great fun! I can't wait for the holidays. Just a little more than a week of work left! We will visit my family before we drive down and spend the holidays with Simen's family, and then visit mine again when we come back. I believe by then my dad will have retired! So weird to think about. A little more work for me and Simen, and then we both actually have new year's eve off! So I guess we have to make some plans. My workplace will also have a yule party on the 2nd of january! So yeah, I'm very excited for the times to come. What are your plans for the next month?

Since everyone is doing it. This has been my first full year of having Instagram! I got it in october of last year - but I downloaded the 2016 too anyway. Click here to follow me!

I'll be back when I have something to blog about. My life isn't super exciting right now, in my free time I'm usually just watching Dark Shadows. If any of you have any suggestions or requests for what you'd like to see, let me know, and I will probably do it! Of course, this month will be busy, so I might only have time for personal posts. But I want to give you guys something more than that!

Hope you guys are having a nice holiday season, and until next time, take care!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Satyricon @ Hulen, Bergen, Norway 29.10.2017

Warning! Picture heavy post. This post includes photos from 3 different Satyricon shows I've been to!

I was pretty excited to hear that Satyricon would play at Hulen again. They played there 4 years ago, when I had just started working there, and it was probably my best concert experience there. So this was going to be the Hulen show of the year! Last year's show of the year there was Enslaved, just FYI.

I was sick the days before (okay still am), but I didn't care. Which is pretty stupid, considering the show was sold out, so to get a free spot I had to be there early. I wore my wool cape for that 45 minute wait though! Fitting, and I got several compliments on it.
Since I had seen them twice from the front row before, I decided to sit on the high table in the back, so I could still see - Sitting that far up made me as tall as everyone else, lol.

It was an amazing show! And over way too soon - so thought everyone else, the entire crowd was wild. Is it just me, or haven't they used keys before? Cause it made a noticeable difference this time. The setlist was great, they played pretty much all I wanted them to play. I was a little scared they would focus too much on the new album (which is understandable), cause I didn't really like it that much. But I was very satisfied with the setlist! Mother North was magical as usual.

I definitely recommend seeing Satyricon if you have the chance! They will be touring for about a year now, so they are probably gonna show up near you. This is the third show I've been at, and it was still fantastic! So I will definitely see them again - Hopefully at Hulen! They seem to like playing there (it is an actual cave, after all), even though it can only fit about 300 people.

I wore my thrifted Morticia dress with fringed sleeves!

Went a little overboard with the make-up

Just throwing in the outfit I wore the day after, just because.
Audrey Horne shirt - Gift from the band
Black lace skirt - No idea
Red tulle skirt - Poizen Industries
Red and black pajama shorts - Victoria's Secret
Stockings - Dracula Clothing
Boots - Demonia

This is the print of the shirt I got at the gig!
My last name is Åsgård, so I thought it was fitting.
I'm actually getting Åsgårdsreien tattooed when I can!
They only had the shirt in L, but I got it anyway.

Here's what it looks like now!
Metalchick problems solved.
They had girlies btw, but they were boring.
Pants are second hand, socks are from H&M.

Now let's do a throwback to the 2013 Hulen show!
Yes, my hair glowed in blacklight at the time. So awesome.

I forgot he had long hair then!

Dat bodeh.

I met Nocturno Culto! He was so nice.
Actually, at the show just now I saw Odd-Magnus Williamson!
Norwegians will know who I mean.


Aand why not a throwback to Wave Gotik Treffen 2014?
I think the venue was Parkbühne, which hasn't been used since then, I think?

One of the photographers got a photo of me!

Well, hope you enjoyed that! That was pretty lengthy. Experiencing it was very enjoyable for me, as well as walking down memory lane! If you haven't seen them yet, do it! If you have, tell me about it!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Just casual things

Hey! I was just going through my pictures from the Satyricon gig, and realized I had taken a lot of pictures before that that I haven't posted yet, so I thought I'd do that in a separate post!

Fishnet top - Goodgoth, maybe
Lisbeth's Kiss necklace - Alchemy Gothic
Bandeau top - EMP
Bat belly button jewelry - Crazy Factory
Spiked belt - Witchy Bitchy (local shop)
Mini skirt - DIY
Boots - Demonia

After putting that outfit on, I saw this...
Whoops. I guess I'm badass!

I made pie from scratch for the first time!
It turned out great! Definitely doing it again.

Cute mini tacos!

Snow has come and gone...

Muffin with nutella!
We've made a lot of fun foods lately.

Memory from 6 years ago!
I found my dad's pilot hat.
I felt like Zoot from The Tribe!
Does anyone else remember that show?
It probably inspired me when it comes to style.

A guest gave us huge googly eyes as tips!

 Gin with marshmallows!

So that was kind of a recap from the last week! Not too exciting, but that's life for ya. Can't wait for the holidays! And in a week we'll be celebrating my dad's 70th birthday! So that'll be fun.
My next post will be about the Satyricon show, so stay tuned for that! Until then, take care!
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