Sunday, March 18, 2018

Party Look & More Fun Stuff

Hey! Since I have no life and didn't have plans this weekend (just my little sister paying a surprise visit in the middle of the night), I'll share my last weekend! Simen's parents were visiting, so friday we went out to eat, which was really nice. Saturday we had a delicious brunch at our place. Avoiding milk isn't hard, but a little annoying, since I love a lot of stuff containing dairy. But if my skin clears up, it'll all be worth it. I can treat myself to something containing dairy on special occasions. 

Before this photo was taken, the two dressers were in opposite places - We had just put them there when we moved in. But Simen's mother had the great idea of moving them, and it looks so much better now! The room looks bigger, the heights look good, and you can see the yule tree she gave us.

After they left I had just enough time to do a seasoning session of my new waist training corset, while getting ready for a party. I hadn't done my make-up in 5 weeks, because my skin has been awful (see why I'm cutting out dairy?). I also properly styled my hair, and crimping it first. Here are the results!

Necklace - Darkling Beloved
Custom dress - Rose Mortem
Vest - DIY
Blazer - DIY
Boots - Demonia

A couple of the fancy beers I brought to the party.

I had a lot of fun at the party! Caught up with friends, met some interesting new people, good music... Something very rare also occurred: I got drunk. That almost never happens to me! But it was a good drunk, so I enjoyed it. And all my friends did too. And especially Simen who came to pick me up!
I don't go out / party very often, and even when I do, it's very calm - and I probably go home early. Yeah I've felt like an old lady for a good while now. I think I save all my energy for WGT LOL

Speaking of WGT, I'm probably going to start planning outfits for that soon. My band wishlist is also growing, which is gonna be hard when the final schedule comes out - but it always is. At least it means I'll have a great time! Also, this week me and Simen will have our second anniversary!

Before I go, I'll throw in an outfit.
Did you do anything fun lately, and what are you looking forward to, soon or in the near-ish future?
Cute top - Thrifted
Corset - Mystic City Corsets
Leather skirt with pockets(!) - Forever 21

Friday, March 16, 2018

Collective Haul; Jewelry, Waist Training, Books & Music!

Hey, everyone! Like I told you a while ago I've been shopping a lot lately. It's just been piling up!
So I've decided to put it all into a collective haul post! LOTS of goodies here that I'm really excited about. Let's delve into it!
From Simen. He's the best!

It's a discontinued Alchemy Gothic ring.
But he found one! Just need to get it resized to child size LOL

And here's a bunch of stuff from Darkling Beloved!
Her store used to be called The Pumpkin Coven.
Simen ripped open the package, and moon confetti flew everywhere!
Can't wait to wear these now that I have my lobes pierced again.

This is actually my first ankh necklace.
Do I get any goth points now? LOL

I totally fell for this adorable necklace.
It's a little heavy, and hangs a little weird on my thin neck.
But if it annoys me too much, I'll probably just attach it to some clothes.

I already love this style of necklaces from her.
So I got one in purple! So magical.
Sadly the bat came off the first time I wore it.
But it still looks nice!
I'll probably use the bat for something else.

Simen got himself a necklace too!
I really recommend Darkling Beloved.
I think the quality is better than Alchemy too.

Ordered some more piercing jewelry
I'm such a sucker for bats.

Got myself my first waist training corset!
It's the MCC6 from Mystic City Corsets.
Above are all the photos from the seasoning period.
My goal is to close it before WGT, which I think will be no problem!

Now that I will be waist training, I got some stuff to help!
Most of my clothes are really baggy, so not suitable for stealthing.
So I got this toddler belt on Ebay!
You can see me wearing it on two of the photos above.

I also got these cinch clips on Ebay!
Now I can make my clothes look like they fit!
See below:
Blouse - Retroscope Fashions
Cameo - Goodgoth
High-low skirt - Burleska
Skelly socks - H&M

 Found this cute top for only 5 bucks at the thrift store!
It closes with hooks and eyes and fits really well.
Nice ruffles and slight stripes.

Sent to me by the author! Reviews here.

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of Nemi.
I grew up with the comics, and even have her tattoo.
Finally added more books to my collection!

Norwegian dad humor.
I actually bought 3 books from this series for my dad for yule!
...and I got another book from the series from him!
I have the same humor as my 70-year old father.
Is that bad?

Mick Mercer, a legend in the goth scene.
Decided to check out one of his books!
If you want I'll review this sometime.

Lisbeth Salander is my hero.
I look exactly like her too now, haha.
Saw this in the supermarket, so I bought it!

Random buy at the thrift store. I used to love this movie!
It must have come out, like, 10 years ago now?
Sadly the sound from it was awful.
Weird, cause the disc itself looks fine. Oh well!

I randomly went on a national re-selling website and found this.
It was only like 3$, so I got it! Lucky me.
And now my SoM collection is complete!
I love that you can see our ceiling reflected in the cover LOL

Some CD box sets!
Cause fuck making playlists manually LOL

Ok phew, that was it! I guess I've been shopping a lot lately. And that's stopping now! Gotta save some money for the summer. It's now 2 months until we leave for WGT! So excited. I guess I'm allowed to start planning outfits now? Can't really do anything else while waiting for the final schedule. I have a couple of vague ideas for what I want to wear this year. AHH CAN'T WAIT.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Get To Know Me!

Hello! A little lazy posting this time. These ''get to know me'' templates have been pretty popular on Instagram and even Vero lately, and I found them SO cute! They are fairly easy to answer and share. They kind of remind me of norwegian ''school diaries'' from when I was younger, with lots of fun stuff for you and your friends to fill out. So I thought I'd post mine so you could get to know me a little better! If you want to answer them for yourself, go to @TheSundayChapter on Instagram!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! If we have stuff in common, let me know!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Crimped Hair, Bunad & More!

Heyhey! I thought I'd do another ''snippets of daily life'' post. So here we go!

Saw a display of Isadora Moon books outside a bookstore!
Cutest books ever. If anyone has spooky kids, get them!

Visited my parents and dug out this old thing.

My lovely assistant

She is my *cough* LITTLE sister...
And the photos above my head are of me!

EIGHTIES (bonus goth points to be earned here)
Had to with my newly crimped hair, haha.

Simen: ''Since when do you take bathroom selfies?''

I've been breaking in my new waist training corset!
I'll show the progression in my upcoming haul post.

Bacon and cheese waffles! Genius and delicious.
Alanna: ''How are you so tiny?!''
I have no idea, girl, no idea.

And now my waist just looks even tinier, hahah.
My legs also look like twigs LOL

Lemon muffins!

Out to sea... the island where my father grew up.

Getting my grandmother's bunad fitted to me!
The apron and the silver at my throat was borrowed.
Can't wait until it's ready!

And yes, that is also silver around my waist.

No, I'm not going vegan.
I'm just cutting out milk for a while.
I'm hoping it will help with my eczema.
If not, I'll cut out something else.
Let's see how it goes, wish me luck!

So what else is there? I just finished watching Penny Dreadful, since I never finished it. So good!
Oh and I'm also on Vero now! Follow me @ Caroline Åsgård (yes, that's my real name). I usually wait a loong time until I jump on these new fad apps. It took me years to get Snapchat, and when I finally got Instagram at the end of 2016, I deleted the former. My friends still hate me for that LOL
But this time after all the talk I decided to check it out, and I like it! I love that it's more culture-based, so I'll definitely be sharing music, books and movies / tv shows there. The news feed is also a great improvement compared to other social media. The way you add people is interesting too.

Can't think of anything else, so I'll leave you for now! My next post will probably be my huge collective haul. I'm wondering if I should get back into doing music reviews again, I kind of fell off doing that. I have a couple of hundred CDs, so there's a lot to take from! I'm open to suggestions.
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